Abbey is Open. Quarantine is over!

We are pleased to inform you that the Abbot and monks of Saint Leo Abbey have ended their quarantine after testing negative for the virus. 
The Abbey Church and gift shop will reopen tomorrow morning by 9:00 am. Mass tomorrow will be celebrated at 12:00 pm.
As we hope to avoid another shutdown or worse, we will enforce the following safety measures on all our guests that wish to worship in the Abbey Church or visit the Abbey Gift Shop. No exceptions will be made. 
– All guests will wear a mask when in the Abbey Church and Abbey Gift Shop.
– All will enter through the front doors of the Abbey after washing their hands at the sinks in front of the main entrance. 
– Once inside the Abbey Church, please find a seat by using the center aisle and choosing a pew that is not blocked off. 
– Please respect social distancing by sitting at least six feet from other guests, families, of course, may sit together in the available pews. 
– Guests will not be permitted to sit in the choir stalls with the monks until further notice. 
– For the reception of Holy Communion, please remain at your pew as a minister will bring the Eucharist to you so there will be less movement among the faithful. 
– The Consecrated Host will be received on the hand while the communicant stands, for those that do not wish to receive on the hand, please cross your arms on your chest so you may receive a blessing. Communion will not be distributed on the tongue for anyone during the ongoing pandemic.
– Once the celebration has ended, all will exit to the right of their pew following the designated signs, starting with the back rows going forward.
– Worship aids will not be given out during this time. Those who wish to pray with us or follow