St. Leo Benedictine Abbey, St. Leo Florida
Saint Leo Abbey
33601 State Road 52.
Saint Leo, Fl 33574
P.O. Box 2350 Saint Leo Fl, 33574

Reception Office: (352) 588 8624
Business Office: (352) 588 8631
Gift Shop: (352) 588 8626

Week Day:
6:30AM       Office of Readings & Morning Prayer (Monday-Friday)
11:30            Lectio Divina
12:00            Midday Prayer
4:30              Lectio Divina
5:00              Evening Prayer
7:00 PM       Eucharist (Eucharist at 7:15am on Wednesdays)

7:00AM           Office of Readings & Morning Prayer
7:45                  Eucharist
12:00                Midday Prayer
5:00PM            Evening Prayer

Sunday & Solemnities
7:30AM          Office of Readings & Morning Prayer
10:00               Eucharist
12:00               Midday Prayer
5:00                 Solemn Evening prayer

As you join us we ask you to follow the rhythm of the community.

It is you who makes God either far or near. Love and he will come close. Love and he will dwell in you. (Ser 21:2)