St. Leo Benedictine Abbey, St. Leo Florida
Saint Leo Abbey
33601 State Road 52.
Saint Leo, Fl 33574
P.O. Box 2350 Saint Leo Fl, 33574

Guest Master Fr. Fidelis 
(352) 588 8184

Reservations: Dianna
(352) 588-8631


Our monastic community serves the people of God through our Benedictine hospitality, "We welcome all as Christians. We invite people to pray with us and experience the ancient monastic duty of praising God, Opus Dei. Our Retreat Centers offer space for adults and teenagers alike and our guesthouse is ready to accommodate your quiet, spiritual needs. We believe in offering the people of God an oasis in the middle of their hectic lives. We provide an opportunity for individuals to get in touch with God and with themselves. St. Leo Abbey provides an enormous amount of silence that helps them to put their lives' priorities in order.

We offer group retreats at our St. Leo Hall facility. Feel free to stop by and see us or make an appointment for a walk-through with Brother Stanislaw. He would love to show you our facilities and explain how we can meet the needs of your next group retreat.

We also offer youth retreats. Carmel Hall is our youth retreat housing building. We also have a large activities building, the Carpenter Shop, to keep everyone busy. All youth retreats require a facilitator. If your group needs one, we can provide our youth retreat facilitator..

Our guesthouse is located just off beautiful Lake Jovita. For a donation of $75 per person you can enjoy a quiet, spiritual get away from a sometimes hectic world. We also have rooms for double occupancy at a donation of $95 per night. Lodging includes meals that you will share in the same dining room with our monastic community. We have a private study, kitchen with microwave and refrigerator and a screened back porch with a lake view.

For guesthouse reservations or adult/youth retreats feel free to contact Dianna via e-mail at


Normal Weekdays
7:00 am Morning Prayer, 11:30 am Lectio Divina,
12:00 pm Mass & Noon Prayer Combined; 4:30 pm Lectio Divina, 5:00 pm Evening Prayer; 7:30pm Night Prayer


7am Morning Prayer, 7:30 Mass, 12:00pm Midday Prayer; 5pm Evening Prayer; (Night Prayer in Private)

Feast Days
Same as day above. (Lectio Divina in Private, Night Prayer in Private)

Sunday's and Solemnity Days
7:30 am Morning Prayer 10:00 am Eucharist; 5:00 pm Evening Prayer

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It is you who makes God either far or near. Love and he will come close. Love and he will dwell in you. (Ser 21:2)